THE GET LOST LOSERS is an interactive rock n' roll experience featuring a real-life down-and-out band barely keeping it together. We just throw these four musicians onstage, let them play their hits, and watch as years of festering resentment turn into hilarious theater.

And, because the band lacks professionalism, you can be sure its haphazard roadie and at least one ex-girlfriend will also make appearances.

"If Vince VaughN and Jack Black had a baby but DIDN'T hug it once, that's JASON Sereno." -- Andy Scott, Soul Fuzz

This one-of-a-kind rocking good time has played famous Hollywood venues like The Hotel Cafe and Bronson Bar as well as dozens of private parties and corporate events.

Our packages include;

  • BASIC single set, standard arguing and calamity

  • GOLD a two-act tale of triumph and redemption

  • PLATINUM everything above with tailored video segments

  • DILITHIUM everything above with a STUNT add-on (insurance required)

"Anthony marks has solidified himself as one of america's most versatile guitar players." -- the people walker

Eventually, THE GET LOST LOSERS will leave the road and find a nice venue for weekly dinner theater-style performances. Until then, they'll remain available for your next event, party or skill-building weekend in the Swiss Alps.

The band is also available for charitable and fundraising opportunities - especially those that benefit working-class citizens.